week four assignment infographic

Your final assignment for this course is to create an Infographic that illustrates what you have learned about yourself as a future education and how you fit into the greater context as an educator in California and the United States. The Infographic is personal, and reflects your own understandings, beliefs, and values. In addition to the content from this course (ITL 602), use the educational philosophy paper you began in ITL 600 or ITL 600i. Have any of your views changed?

Create your own Infographic based on the mini lectures, your journal entries as well as knowledge gained in this course. Instructions for creating “infographics” can be found in the Link below:

Collect together the information you want to include in your graphic.

  • -What are your thoughts on culture, myths and stereotypes?
  • -In your circle how do people describe colleagues and learners who differ from themselves?
  • -What did you learn about your biases?
  • -What is your role and responsibilities as an inspired educator of and for all students?
  • -What is your plan for professional growth and development?

Try to organize the information by grouping it under suitable headings. Once your information is grouped, think about the overall structure of your infographic and how you want to lay it out.

  • -Which information, facts and data are essential to include? Which are not?
  • – What colors and layout works best in sharing the information?
  • -What graphs and graphics best convey information and data to the viewer?
  • -What is the order, or flow, of information?

Once you have decided on a structure for your infographic, try to sketch it out. Once you have your sketch as a guide you can decide on an infographic tool or tools that you think are appropriate for creating your graphics and text. Now the fun starts and you can create your graphic. Once you have finished, save your infographic as an image (png or jpg usually works best) and then you can upload your assignment. Since the point of an infographic is to transfer knowledge and information quickly, the final poster (Infographic) should be informative, simple, engaging, and design-friendly.

Ive attached my first paper from ITL 600, and an example of whats needed.

Here are additional Infographic Resources that include dozens of links, examples and templates.