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Cardiovascular disease Ms. Julie is a 35-year mother with two young children. While she was doing the laundry, she felt a heartburn at the upper part of her stomach. She was rushed immediately to the hospital and performed the necessary tests, which showed an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). She was advised for a daily supplement as well as dietary changes. Blood tests showed raised blood lipids and her physician referred her to a dietitian for lifestyle management. During the history taking, you came to know that she is alcoholic and drinks on occasions. Her father died from heart attack at the age of 60 years. Upon physical examination, her height was 150 cm, and her current weight 70 kg. Biochemistry and Hematology Total cholesterol 290mg/dL Triglycerides (TG 200mg/dL. Hemoglobin Alc (HgAlc); 6.2