What does “differentially diagnose” mean?

This week you will need to differentially diagnose the following disorders.

What does “differentially diagnose” mean?

It means you are going to evaluate two diagnoses that have some overlap/commonalities and are going to identity which specific symptoms set them apart. So basically when looking at the two diagnoses I have provided, you will ask yourself, how can I tell them apart?

Answer that question for 4 out of the following combinations.

1. Borderline PD and Antisocial PD

2. Histrionic PD and Narcissistic PD

3.  Avoidant PD and Schizoid PD

4. Obsessive Compulsive PD and Narcissistic PD

5. Schizoid PD and Schizotypal PD

6. Dependent PD and Borderline PD