What separates commentary from self-expression in art?

Course Discussion II: What separates commentary from self-expression in art?

Demonstrate your ability to identify the different reasons people are compelled to create artwork as described in Chapter 2 of your textbook. Please describe and include two examples of a work of art, one made for self-expression and one work of art made for commentary. Give your opinion on what you think are the main differences in motivation to create these two different types of artwork.

In your post please be sure to list the different types of things you think the artist might be expressing about his or herself or what they might be commenting on. Please be sure to use examples that are different from your book.

For example, the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat often made self-referential works of art that expressed his admiration for Jazz music which is directly linked to his heritage as an African American, (see image below). In this work, like many of his works, he portrays himself through the black figure with the crown. By referencing Jazz culture, (with the trumpet and the black skin) he is emphasizing the fact that many important achievements in American history would not have been possible without African Americans like himself. This is an example of self-expression.

The graffiti work below was created by street artist Banksy. Here he is making a statement about our society’s use of social media and how it may subconsciously be affecting us for the worse. He is comparing our actions on social media platforms to that of a child that is starved for attention. He is likely motivated to make this work as an act of social critique and does not reveal any information about himself but rather gives his opinion through the work. This is an example of art for commentary.

P.S. give actual images under the description you give.