Who was the better inventor, Edison or Tesla, and why?, history assignment help

Below are three paragraphs that I need help writing at least 100 word response to. I need at least 100 word response to each separate paragraph. Each paragraph was to answer this following question: “Who was the better inventor, Edison or Tesla, and why?”

1). I would like to think that both Edison and Telsa were great inventors in their own rights. Edison not only invented the light bulb, a resource that has been used in everything since its introduction into society, but also developed an entire electric lightning program. The program included electricity generators, wires to get electricity form the power stations to homes and light fixtures such as, lamps, sockets and switches. It was because of this that spawned his inventions into the Pearl Street in New York City in 1882. The electric utility serviced over 500 customers, including The New York Times. On the other hand, Nikola Tesla, who actually used to work for Edison in 1884, gave society what we have come to cherish as well – the remote control. He also invented wireless transmission, computers, smartphones, laser beams, x-rays and a numerous other contributions.

Tesla’s wirelsss transmisson was incorporated into the use of radios, televisions and other electronics. Like most inventors, Tesla was willing to do anything to prove why his inventions worked. He was so dedicated to his work that in the middle of a battle between he and his former mentor, Edison over alternating current and direct current, Tesla subjected himself to 250,000-volt shocks in the name of “safety.” With that alone, he won the battle. I would say that on that by himself he was the best inventer between he and Edison. However, if it wasnt’ for the mentorship he gained from Edison, Tesla wouldn’t have had the desire to seek more out the eletric revolution. Both Edison and Tesla proved themselves worthy of the title of better inventor. Both of their inventions wouldn’t survive without the other.

2). I feel it is hard to say which is the better inventor. If you are going by the number of patents; Edison had 1,093 and Tesla has 278…more doesn’t always mean better though. I, personally, might lean a little more towards Tesla. Both had extraordinary inventions and great minds. While Edison is credited with inventing the light bulb and using direct current to be able to light small portions of a city…Tesla grew on his idea and was able to light the world.

Nikola Tesla came to America to work with Thomas Edison because he knew that he had great things that he contribute to what Edison was doing with electricity. Edison didn’t want to listen to Tesla about how alternating current was more powerful, Edison thought it was too dangerous. Edison offer Tesla $50,000 to redesign his direct current system. When Tesla was able to improve upon Edison’s already established direct current system, Edison felt threatened and just kind of brushed it off saying that it was a joke. Tesla quit his job with Edison and set out on his own to find funding for his own way of electricity. George Westinghouse overheard Tesla talking about his alternating current and was willing to take a chance and give him funding for his project. I feel that Tesla was constantly having setbacks and not able to get to his full potential. Edison was threatened by Tesla by was trying to discredit him. In 1893, Tesla got to show the world his invention at the World Fair in Chicago. Tesla also won the bid to harness the power at Niagara Falls. Westinghouse ended up not being able to afford to continue to pay Tesla for his contracts to Tesla torn them up.

So Edison is a household name due to his business savvy and Tesla is not as well know because he spent a lot of his time trying to get his idea out to the world.

3). Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were indeed both inventors but comparing the two to say which one was better would do both of them injustice. Tesla and Edison were and still are both great inventors; you have Edison who contributed to the invention of the light bulb and Tesla, who created alternating current electricity that bought power to households. Both of these inventions contributed a great deal to society at the time and to this day as well.

Select one invention or innovation from the period under discussion this week. How did it transform the daily lives and the worldview of lower class, middle class, and upper class people, if at all?

I feel the light bulb made the biggest transformation in the daily lives of all classes. The light bulb enabled people to light their homes in a more efficient manner and also allowed them to see better at night. It enabled the lighting of communities at night which of course helped. When the automobile came around it utilized light bulbs which of course enables the drivers to see at night and enables people to see the cars coming. The light bulb I feel was the pivotal point of transitioning from the old to the new. Without the light bulb, a lot of our technology would be obsolete seeing as the light bulb transformed from being just a bulb to being a lighting system for all types of electronics that we use today.