Why did Pericles promote Athens as the ideal Classical polis, history homework help 250-500 words (Please read ALL)

Choose one of the following questions to answer this week. Be detailed and be sure to cite your sources. Chicago Style!

1) Why did Pericles promote Athens as the ideal Classical polis and encourage the innovations of philosophers, architects, and artists? How did the Classical ideals of humanism, realism, and idealism influence Athenian society? Why do you think that these ideals were not accepted as readily in places such as Sparta?

2) Discuss the political systems of Athens and Sparta. Why was there such a wide difference between the two city-states? How did the treatment of women differ between Athens and Sparta? Which do you believe gave their citizens more freedom and participation in government?

3)What was the reasoning behind the Punic Wars? How did these wars change Roman society and colonization? Why are these wars seen as a pivotal turning point in Roman development?

4) What events influenced the change from the Late Republic Period to the beginning of the Imperial Period? Why do you think Romans were so willing to accept the drastic change from the traditional republic to a principate under Augustus?

5) What events led to the weakening of the Roman state? How did Diocletian and Constantine try to address the problems that threatened to destabilize Rome? Why do you think the reforms were not able to prevent the eventual downfall of Rome?

6) How did Christianity spread out of the province of Judea? Why was this religion able to gain increased footing in Rome’s citizenry? How did Rome change with the acceptance of Christianity as a religion in Rome?