Why is Theory Important in Social Work?

Why is Theory Important in Social Work? 

Social Work theories help you analyze cases, understand clients, create interventions, and predict intervention results and evaluate outcomes.

  • Major Theories: Used in Social Work Practice: 
    · Ecosystems Theory – often referred as Systems Theory
    · Psychodynamic Theory
    · Social Learning Theory
    · Conflict Theory
    · Developmental Theory
    · Psychosocial Development Theory
    · Rational Choice Theory/Social Exchange Theory
    · Humanistic Theory

Begin by choosing a theory from the list above. 

Next you will then create a Word document 2 to 3-page document. (You may have one – two pages on content) – This is a study aide so it should include the who, when etc. Bullet points or short concise statements for learning is what I am looking for; everything you would need to know about this theory.

The assignment should be submitted in APA format to include at least 2 scholarly references.