wk 3 u s student aid data warehouse development due mon wk 4 u s student aid data warehouse evaluation due mon

Assignment Content

  1. This week you will continue your work on the project to evaluate higher education student aid data. You will transform your operational data structure and schema into a data structure and schema for a data warehouse, which will be exclusively used for reporting.

    Develop a plan to integrate this new data warehouse with an Internet application. Include in your plan:

    • A description of the transformation process
    • A schema diagram identifying the changes needed (revise the diagram you submitted for the Week Two Individual Assignment, “U.S. Student Aid Database Schema and Query Recommendations” per your instructor’s feedback)
    • Specific integration plans

    Document your plan as either a:

    • 1- to 3-page Microsoft® Word document
    • 6- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes

    Wk 4 – U.S. Student Aid Data Warehouse Evaluation [due Mon]