world civilizations discussion post inconsistencies in primary sources

For this module’s discussion, analyze primary source accounts from the East and the West, written between 1550 and 1650. The first account is from the perspective of a European missionary who traveled to Japan. You will compare and contrast this account with the writings of two Japanese authors. All three describe the same time period and are talking about one another (the European missionary about the Japanese, and the Japanese authors about the European missionaries), but they provide very different versions of the same story.

In your initial post, identify at least one factual inconsistency or example of bias in each of these accounts and discuss the ways that these documents may have influenced public opinion and behavior at the time they were written.

size 12 times new roman, double spaced. cite in Chicago/turabian format.


1:e-book: The Life and Letters of St. Francis Xavier (pp. 331–339, section beginning with To the Society in Europe)
St. Francis Xavier was a Spanish Jesuit who traveled to Japan as a missionary in the sixteenth century. Read his depiction of Japanese society in this section. You will use this in the discussion for this module.

2. This brief excerpt from Deus Destroyed is a sixteenth-century Japanese man’s rejection of Christianity. You will use this source in the discussion for this module. ( This is attached)

3. Article: Exclusion Edicts
These edicts of the Tokugawa shogun in 1635 and 1639 expelled foreigners and especially Christian missionaries from Japan. You will use them in the discussion for this module.