worst coworker 1

Your paper can focus on either a current coworker or a past coworker. The coworker should be a real person, as opposed to a combination of multiple individuals. Moreover, some portions of the paper work better if the coworker is of a similar hierarchical level to you–as opposed to a boss or a supervisor. If you have never worked, reflect on an experience where you worked as part of a volunteer team or a project team in a previous course (not this one).

The paper should include the following three sections:

1. Background – Describe the coworker. Give enough detail that it’s clear why you feel the way you do about this person, with enough richness that the section “brings the person to life” for the reader. Feel free to omit or disguise any details that might be sensitive in nature.

2. Explanations – Drawing on key terms from Chapters 4-7 and 9-10, provide an explanation of why, in your estimation, this employee has low levels of job performance (chapter 2) and/or organizational commitment (chapter 3). When I say “key terms”, I’m referring to the words that are bolded in the chapters and that appear in the Key Terms section at the end of each chapter. Use the key term to explain the employee’s attitudes and behaviors. Please refrain from using negative stereotypes in your explanation. Please do not write the definitions of the key terms from the textbook verbatim. I prefer you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding by using your own words, and relating the key terms to your personal experiences and observations.

3. Recommendations – Flowing out of the key terms discussed in the previous section, describe what the top managers or leaders in the company could do, very specifically, to improve the performance and/or commitment of your coworker. Then describe what you, personally, could do to make this coworker more effective.

4. Finally, explicitly answer the following question: Is this employee a “problem that cannot be fixed” to some extent? If so, describe what the top managers or leaders in the company could do to avoid similar problems in the future.

The paper must be at least 1000 words in length. Key terms must be highlighted in bold throughout the paper. Your paper must have at least four subject headings: Background, Explanation, Recommendations, and Is this employee a “problem that cannot be fixed”?

Use proper grammar and complete sentences, and please refrain from using profanity. Beyond the parameters above, please bring your own self-expression, initiative, and creativity to the content and style of the paper. 80% of the paper grade will revolve around content issues, with 20% revolving around writing style issues.