write 3 full page essay in mla format

Write a 3 full page length essay in MLA format. Sources can only be academic sources such as books and articles, eBooks, and digital journal articles. Please develop a Paper in which you compare and contrast the differences and similarities between two periods of Ancient Greek sculpture development as a result of the influence of the Hellenistic age. Make sure you are talking about Greek sculptures not pottery or architecture. Your paper should also contain content which addresses the four following questions

1. What techniques and features are unique to the sculpture of this period both- Classical and Hellenistic?

2. What was the focus of the artists of these periods? What themes or ideas were they trying to display?

3. Why is the sculpture you chose a good representation of the ideals of the period?

4. Describe the political changes that occurred between the classical and hellenistic ages. How did these changes affect the sculptors and their work?