write a 2 page paper that explains the historical episode or process and why it was or is significant

Instructions .

Choose a topic from below to investigate.. Write a 2 – page paper that explains the historical episode or process,, and why it was (oor is)) significant.. You may draw from scholarly sources such as books or journal articles,, or newspapers and other online sources.. Do not use Wikipedia or online encyclopedias.. Cite your references using APA method (ddetailed instructions are available online..)) Grading is credit//nno – credit…

1.. William J.. Jefferson Bribery Case . Explain this particular corruption case and the institutional response by the House of Representatives on both sides of the aisle .

2.. The Expulsion of Jim Traficant . Why was a duly – elected member expelled from the Ho use of Representatives?? How was it accomplished??

3.. Strom Thurmond’s 100th Birthday Party . What controversy surrounded this event,, and how does it speak to the changing history of congressional party politics??

4.. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill . What legislative accomplishments were achieved through a “ggrand bargain”” d eal brokered by the Republican p resident and the Democratic Speaker of the House in the 1980s??

5.. Unexpected Primary Loses . Compare and contrast the success of insurgent primary candidates in unseatin g powerful members of party leadership in the House of Representatives:: Eric Cantor (RR – VA)) in 2014 and Joe Crowley (DD – NY)) in 2018..

6.. Jim Jeffords ’ Party Switch . E xplain the circumstances under which Vermont ’ s Senator Jim Jeffords sin gle – handedly swung control of the chamber from the Republicans to the Democrats..

7.. Church Committee Hearings . What did the Church Committee hearings of 1975 investigate ? What policy changes and congressional reforms resulted??

8.. Ted Cruz’s and the 2013 Government Shutdown . What was Senator Ted Cruz’s strategy in the government shutdown?? Was he successful or unsuccessful in reaching his goals??

9.. Congressional Real Estate . How is office space allocated in the U..SS.. House and Senate?? This kind of “rreal estate”” is political.. Why and how does it matt er??