write a 7 8 page paper following the given instructions on the current situation in hong kong regarding china trying to take away their independence 1

This is an essay for a class known as Expository Writing. It is an essay where I am supposed to analyze a specific, focused topic that I chose, and in an un-biased way describe what the situation is. It has to be 7/8 pages long.

I set 2 days as the time limit, however I really technically would need the essay done in a day and a half (Thursday at noon) please.

Attached are the full description of what the assignment is, plus a doc with how I proposed the topic in class, and an annotated bibliography of which you must use at least 3-4 sources of the 5 in the essay, plus whatever additional ones you decide to use.

If you have any further questions at all feel free to reach out I’ll be checking this site as often as possible to try and help make sure the essay is done in the best way possible and that you have any information you might need to complete it.

Thank you so much for your help!