write a book analysis on the book amp quot storm in a teacup the physics of everyday life amp quot by helen czerski

Please write a minimum of 1000 word book analysis on the book, “Storm in a Teacup The Physics of Everyday Life,” by Helen Czerski. The requirements and what the professor is looking for is attached below.

12-point Times New Roman font

❏ Title page with just the title of your paper in 16-point font bold with your name below in 12-point font italics centered in the middle of your page.

❏ Double-spaced.

❏ Minimum 1,000 words.

❏ Stapled on the top left corner.

Key Elements: All of these elements should be easily found in your analysis.

❏ Who is the author and what is his/her general background? Why might they have written this book?

❏ An explanation of the author’s thesis: What is the focus of this book? What was he trying to say?

❏ What struck you or stood out in this book and why? Be as reflective and thoughtful as you can. This is the soul of the paper.

❏ How does this book change/challenge the way you look at or think about some previously held belief about the world? If it did not change or challenge anything for you, then carefully explain why.