write a research paper 52

“climate change”, “pollution” or “nuclear energy”

choose one of the topics to write a research paper on


Environmental Science Paper Format

  • Introduction
  • Background4 to 6 pages
  • Analysis of the Current Issues and impacts6 to 8 pages
  • Solutions4 to 6 pages
    • Describe alternate solutions to solve the problem with supporting evidence.
    • What are the preferred or feasible solutions and why?
    • What happens or what would be expected to happen if the solution isn’t implemented?
    • What do you intend to do about it?
  • Conclusion and Outlook2 to 4 pages

The introduction should be approximately one page and describe the issue and why you are interested.

This should be a historical perspective.Describe who, what, where, and when.What has been done to address this issue in the past?

  • Restate the issue and expand the explanation of the issue.
  • Describe who are the players, what are their roles in the issue(s), and when did they play a role, or are they still playing a role.
  • What are the impacts on various populations, i.e., wildlife, forests, other biomes, or humans?Is it local, regional, or global?
  • Describe the short-term, long-term, and cumulative impacts from this issue.
  • Describe what is currently being done and is it resolving the issue.

The conclusion should wrap up all the issues and impacts and give a current status of the issue.

All papers shall be formatted using either APA,


, or MLA styles.Papers shall be typed in 12pt, Arial font, double-spaced, with one inch margins and page numbers.A cover page is required, with topic, student name(s), section, and date.Section headings are required.References and endnotes shall be at the back of the paper.