write a solution for the client in this project 2

Please read it carefully:

Explanation from the professor of what we need to do in this coursework:

The Construction Management is not an accountancy coursework. There is no mistake in the setting up of this coursework. It does have an element of challenge, though and assesses how you think and what solutions you can find, as the Learning Outcomes for MSc courses that I presented to you, require.

You have been appointed by the client as a consultant to advise him as to the best options in relation to his intention of developing an additional runway for Leeds Bradford Airport. The options you are putting forward to the client should be based on quantitative and qualitative criteria and information. It is an open ended coursework based on the assumptions you make. As such there will not be a wrong answer in the discussion of the qualitative aspects.

I will upload:

The coursework instructions that tells you everything about this coursework (you need to write 1500 words)

– The calculations of this coursework in excel file so you only need to write because I did the calculations.

– A sample of an old coursework just to give you an idea of how to write and think of using the data

– Learning Outcomes for MSc courses that the professor presented to us to use as a source in the reference