write an 5 6 pages essay that is related to child education

Follow is the four documents that are the requirements.

Please check it out and follow all the information.

General Description: In the second project you will need to visit a parent education. parent-child, or parent organization activity in your community. Any activity that is for parents or involves parents and children together is appropriate (e.g., parenting class, divorce mediation class). You may need to gain prior permission to observe the program so please plan in advance. This project paper, which is worth 30 points, should be approximately 5-6 pages in length (you can write more than 5-6 pages but should not write more than 7 pages for this project.) You should discuss in your paper: the philosophy of the program; to whom it is targeted, what needs it fills for parent education,the community and/or child development, your evaluation of the positive and negative aspects of the program and suggestions on improvements that could be made. You will also need to turn in a thorough observation/notes page (notes do not need to be typed) from your visit. Be sure to turn a copy of the grading protocol below with the hard copy of the final project on the due date.