write an cold email to a professional in business field

Pick a professional or famous person in the business field(management, finance, investment bank, analytics and etc.)

Your email should be properly formatted, with no spelling or grammar errors. It should be 250-350 words in length. Practice clarity and concision in writing, but also be sure to write an email that will appeal to your reader, increasing your likelihood of getting a response.

Use your research to come up with 3-7 questions for your professional/academic that they can answer to provide you with

information about how they got their jobs/into grad school, what their work entails, what sort of skills or training are particularly useful for getting into a position like theirs,, and what suggestions or advice they could offer you as you prepare to apply for grad school/jobs. The questions should be targeted to your reader, more specific than general, referring to their experiences, etc. Take into account when writing the questions what it is that you want to find out from them, what specific advice or info might be the most helpful, etc. Also make sure that your questions show that you’ve done your research about them, their field, and the organization for which they work!