write an draft of a synthesis paper include introduction and conclusion



Use these three resources to write draft about how international student achieve success i college

It can be a journal article

You only need to write the complete conclusion and introduction. Evidence part and analysis can be an outline

Use at least 3 of the course texts to support your argument

Introduce the authors and their purposes/text types/claims as you bring them into the

conversation of your paper

Show the complexity of relationships among sources as they are connected to your purpose

Use an exploratory approach to writing, where you arrive at your position or claim at the end of

the paper

Be designed with a specific audience in mind

Use a specific citation style to match the genre you choose


Did you create context for the types of relationships you are establishing

between sources? Are you helping the reader understand how the evidence you use to

create the relationship is tied to the purpose of your paper?

Audience –

Did you select an audience that would be likely to read your paper? Can you

explain why you made this logical choice?


—Did you make a claim that focuses your audience on the conversation generated by

these texts?

Genre Conventions

—Did you help the reader see the value of each of the texts you use in

your synthesis paper by introducing the texts as well as the authors and their claims? Did

you cite them in appropriate ways given your purpose (choosing between quoting,

paraphrasing, and summarizing)? Did you use a consistent citation style and adhere to the

value system of that style?


—Have you made careful decisions about how to arrange your ideas so that a

reader 1) understands this conversation, 2) recognizes your own point and purpose for

writing about the conversation, and 3) finds you credible?

Language & Clarity

—Did you work with your sentence-level prose to be as succinct and

clear as possible for other readers new to this conversation?

Process Engagement

—Did you engage with the steps described above, producing required

drafts for our workshops, and submitting your drafts on time and in the appropriate citation