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Essay III (Chapters 7-11)

Write an essay of at least seven paragraphs.Include at least two key terms or questions from each of the reading handouts for Chapters 7-11.Include at least five pictures, mixed in with the paragraphs, and discuss how each picture helps us understand key points.Your essay should include an introduction, a conclusion, and at least five body paragraphs.

  1. Theme Essay.Choose a theme that relates to the entire time span from 1900-1970. you will write about cultural diversity. Use at least two key items from each of the chapter handouts to show how the theme is important in various time periods.In your conclusion, you might comment on how the history relates to challenges we face today.

ch7- How were Californians affected by the Mexican Revolution? 225-226

What did a Congressional investigation learn about Native Americans in California in 1905? (206-207)

ch8- Why did several parts of California establish “American Schools” for Mexican immigrants? 245-247

How did movies reflect cultural trends?Do you think early movies also shaped culture? 244-247

ch9- Describe the level of public support for relocating Japanese Americans.Who was there to speak against the plan? 274-276

What opportunities did African Americans see? What challenges did they face? 283-287

ch10- How were literary figures in the San Francisco Bay area challenging cultural norms? 333-335

Describe the efforts of African Americans and Mexican Americans fighting for equal rights. 324-329

ch-11- How did the Black Power movement differ from earlier struggles for Civil Rights? 356-359

Who were the Black Panthers?What did they accomplish in Oakland? ^

pictures of pages have been attached. any more info you need search the web and make sure you cite ALL sources. Do not plagiarize. its 100 points I need all 100 points to boost my grade.