write an individual report with the information provided below class is business communications

Textbook will be provided through username and password on chegg, The truths are provided in the document attached. MUST BE UNDER 4 PAGES

BSAD 300

Individual Report Requirements Fall 2019

Version C

Using professional format and professional “voicing”, provide a maximum of a four (4) page informative report, answering the following questions.

Topic Analysis

Review the chapter topics in the Hynes & Veltsos (2018) textbook.Select a chapter from the text that interests you (Chapters 1-14).Identify the chapter and discuss three KEY concepts from the chapter material.Be sure to describe your reasoning. Include three quotes from the textbook.In your analysis you must use and reference the Seventh edition of the text.No other editions are acceptable for this assignment.

Locate THREE recent (after 2016) scholarly or professional articles related to your topic from a periodical or web source (no wiki or blogs).Develop a cogent summary of EACH article (at least one paragraph) by explaining the main points of the article and how it supports, adds to, or contradicts the chapter you selected in Part a. Use at least ONE quote from each source.

Truth Review and Research

Identify THREE Truths that are not required reading.(Not on any quiz or test).Summarize each truth in one or two paragraphs by discussing the main points as it relates to management and communication. Use a quote from each Truth to support your position.

Available Truths: Truths 9, 13, 16, 20, 27, 42, 43, 49, 52, 59

Research the truth topic the truths you selected.Your goal is to update or add to the Truth reading.Support your findings with at least THREE recent (after 2016) scholarly or professional articles related from a periodical or web source (no wiki or blogs).Use at least ONE quote from each source.

Use the formal report format described in Chapter nine of the Hynes & Veltsos (2018) textbook.There is an example at the end of chapter nine.(Do not use column format)

  • Font:Use 11 or 12 Cambria, Garamond or Times New Roman
  • This format uses one-inch margins, single spacing and skips lines between headings and paragraphs. No indentation required in paragraphs.
  • Structure your report with an executive summary, introduction, two discussion sections (in the correct order), and a conclusion.
  • Use at least FOUR appropriate First Level headings, at least TWO Second Level headings and TWO Third Level heading (See Chapter Nine).
  • Support your ideas with quotes from your research.In the style we are using, you do not have cite each time you paraphrase (like APA) but you are always required to cite each quote.
  • No more than Four single-spaced written pages of content. (Excluding cover page, executive summary, and reference page)
  • Secure your work with a staple in the left corner.No folders, page protectors, paper clips, or binders, please.(-10 points)

INCLUDE: a cover page- in proper format, an executive summary on its own page, page numbers on all pages except the cover page, a “Conclusion” page, and a separate reference page in correct APA style.(Author, Year). OMIT: Transmittal Document, Table of Contents, List of Illustrations, Bibliography, and Appendices.

*Outside Sources: An outside source is an APPROPRIATE reference from a reputable BUSINESS or ACADEMIC source.

Remember, you must include them as references and properly cite each source when quoted. It must be clear and obvious that the source was used.NO WIKI or BLOG anything.You may use reading materials from the course (Hynes, Truths from Robbins-assignments and tests, Johnson, or Abate) but they do not count as OUTSIDE sources or in your “truth” count.

Your report will also be graded on:

  • Writing Style (conventions, grammar, use of transitions, the minimal use of personal pronouns, and professional voice)
  • Word Usage (professional word choice, appropriate usage, and contextual elements)
  • Critical Thinking (relevant connection between text, lecture, and articles)
  • Appropriate application of the required format

Due Date: November 8 by 5:00 p.m. to my office (126 Charlton Hall)

Content Due: 1) A printed report fulfilling the entire assignment requirements on or before the due date. 2) Submit the report electronically to Blackboard by November 8 at 11:59 p.m.