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We will be performing our elevator speeches on December 4, 2019. They need be no longer than a minute. They must include a compelling and persuasive argument for using theatre in the classroom to teach the other subject or as they say “to teach across the curriculum.”

Use a good strong voice. We have to be able to hear you. Decide why you are at the elevator. Where are you? Where did you just come from? Where are to you going? Wait a second for the elevator. Place the doors of the elevator in front of you and imagine you see the principal of your school or the superintendent of the schools in your district in the elevator. It can be a surprise or maybe you know she/he is on the elevator and that’s why you’re on it. Maybe you know her/him or maybe you don’t. You can decide these things.

Then in 45 seconds persuade that person that using drama in the classroom is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Speak with passion. Use your own thoughts and/or ideas from the textbook or things I taught you in class. You must use at least three different specific reasons. Give an example or two. “See, if you make the students into experts on a talk show then they have to know about the subject or they can’t talk about it. It gives them an emotional reason to learn the subject matter. It gives them practice in communication. It deepens the learning.” You can quote Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning!