writing a professional email

Read the article 7 Useful Tips on How to Write a Perfect Professional Email and the Sample Email Graphic.

Write a formally structured email in an informal tone directed to a friend, making a recommendation that is based on one of the articles delivered in this class so far.

Next, rewrite the email to make it formally structured in a professional tone directed to a coworker, client, or boss. The recommendation should also be based on the same article. In order to do this assignment correctly, you will need:

1. Knowledge of how to write a formally structured email

2. To revisit a research article posted by one of your colleagues this semester

3. Creativity to frame the email in both an informal and a professional way. Both emails need greetings, closings, and all the stuff in between; just change the tone.

Turn in both emails and a brief explanation of what you did to make the tone change from informal to professional without sacrificing content or structure.