writing assignment 523

Textbook- Quadagno, J. (2016).Aging and the life course(7th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill


Read the article “Walking Toward Age-Friendly Cities (Links to an external site.)” and answer the following questions:

What do you think about these ideas? Given what we learned in  Quadagno – Chapter 5, do you think this is possible to implement? [4  points for Content rubric criteria] 

Are these changes enough given the level of impact these researchers  are hoping for? Why or why not? [4 points for Content rubric criteria] 

What would you suggest? Come up with at least one policy/amendment  to improve the Age-Friendly Cities movement that wasn’t already  discussed in the article. [4 points for Content rubric criteria]  

Hint: Think about the biological and psychological changes older  adults experience. What would help improve their quality of life as they  experience those biological and psychological changes?

Tip: This should also give you practice with applying course  concepts and seeing institutional policies/decisions align with the  recommendations and concerns of the course concepts or not

  • Note: Your course reference should be from the textbook or lecture, not  the articles provided in the prompt. Show that you can make the  connections between the course concepts and discussions. Your credible,  outside source is something you find on your own, not  the articles provided in the prompt. Show that you can conduct your own  research and find relevant information to bring into the discussion.



  • Before you submit, did you…

Review the Applied Activities Instructions and Rubric

Write a cohesive, organized (at least) 300-word response to the prompt above

  • Include 1 course reference (i.e., the textbook or lecture)
  • Include 1 credible, outside source (i.e., something that you find on your own and not provided through the course site or prompt)
  • Use in-text citations
  • Include a reference list