writing instruction manuals

Write a set of instructions for a product “Gas Cooking Stove”. The instructions must be 4-5 double spaced pages. You must use a combination of text and graphics. How many graphics you use it up to you, but every graphic must have a function and must be useful for the reader. Consider if a graphic or a written description would be most useful. You can also create your own graphics.

Conclusions: At the end of the instructions respond to the four following questions. (1-2 double spaced pages).

1. Who is your target audience (who is the consumer of this product? What do you know about him or her? Age range? Background? Education level?). Provide as many demographics as possible.

2. What font size and type did you use?Headings? Bold or underline? Whitespace, line space, color and so on. List any you used and explain why you made these formatting choices.

3. What problems did you encounter while writing the instructions? How did you solve them?

4. What planning steps did you complete before writing the instructions?