you need to prepare a typed word document with your name and id number on the top of it then for each question missed please follow the following format 1


Your Exam 2 scores are up on Blackboard. I was pleased with how you did on the exam.

There were two “errors” in the exam, and I apologize for them.

The “errors” were as follows:

1). Question 15: There were no possible correct answers given

2). Question 21: Was out of the scope of the course. .

As such, I have given everybody the two points for those questions. This keeps the test scores at: out of 34.

As such, I am going to again offer you the opportunity to earn extra credit. Please note the format has changed slightly.

So, how much extra credit can you earn? 1/3 point for each point you missed. How do you earn this extra credit?

You need to prepare a typed word document with your name and ID number on the top of it. Then for each question missed please follow the following format:

(Question #)

A. Write out the question.

B. What answer did you pick?

C. In your own words, why was the answer you picked wrong? You need to identify why the answer you picked could not be the answer.

D. What was the correct answer?

E. Where did you find the information that helped you better understand the question. For example on pg 22 of the book it says….. Or Bodan taught me that…..

F. In your own words, you need to explain why this is the correct answer.

Other instructions:

1. Please use all your resources to help you. You should use your textbook, notes, classmates, tutors, and me to better understand the test and the correct answers. However, when you write your answers, you can use your textbook and your notes as sources, but NOT other people to help you write your explanations and your ANSWERS NEED TO BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

2. If the formatting of your questions does not match the format given above, you will not be awarded extra credit.

3. I will check your work more thoroughly this time. If I find any incorrect answers, you will not be awarded any extra credit. Again, this is an all or none offer. Please be more careful than last time, now that you have tried this one time you should have a better understanding of what it takes to do this well and my evaluation of your efforts will be less lenient.

– I will tell you the questions that I got incorrect to save you the trouble. In the pictures I post, it will be of the entire exam. The answer key is on the bottom. I’ve circled the answers I got correct. It says you should type the questions also. It is test corrections, but the professor has a format as the one shown above. For the part where it says why I picked the answer, please provide a reason why you think someone would pick that. Thank you. The questions I missed are as follow: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 35.

The rest of the photos cannot upload There are 5 more. I’m just sending the exam and answer keys.

Version 3

  • 1.E
  • 2.B
  • 3.B
  • 4.C
  • 5.E
  • 6.D
  • 7.B
  • 8.C
  • 9.E
  • 10.E
  • 11.B
  • 12.B
  • 13.D
  • 14.D
  • 15.No correct answer
  • 16.B
  • 17.E
  • 18.E
  • 19.A
  • 20.D
  • 21.Omitted
  • 22.C
  • 23.C
  • 24.B
  • 25.D
  • 26.D
  • 27.C
  • 28.A
  • 29.E
  • 30.A
  • 31.C
  • 32.C
  • 33.E
  • 34.A
  • 35.A
  • 36.B
  • 37.E