you will write a one to two page double spaced paper regarding marginal cost of labor look for an article from a credible source ie wall street journal reuters associated press forbes magazine the economist and or the new yorker

You will write a one to two page double-spaced paper regarding Marginal Cost of Labor. Look for an article from a credible source, ie. Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Associated Press, Forbes Magazine, the Economist, and/or the New Yorker.

You can extend your search by looking at specific industries, such as the financial industry, tech industry, and/or tourism industry. Please find an article that you are interested in and want to learn more about.

After choosing an article, analyze the following:

-What is the article about?

-How does this article relate to our class in regards to the Marginal Cost of Labor?

-What is/are the significance of the issue(s) economically?

-How will the issue affect the economy ten to twenty years from now?