1 how would you characterize l oreal s expansion strategy using the ir framework 2 given l oreal s strategy of universalization which managerial orientation from the 10 23 reading would you recommend for its global

International Business

Although the paper is one page it requires a lot of critical thinking:

1.) How would you characterize L’Oreal’s expansion strategy (using the IR Framework)

Specify Exactly what is Globally Integrated and what is Locally Responsive. Reading IR and Yip (one PDF)

Use the framework attached down and point where L’Oreal is exactly (Attach the framework in an appendix page)

2.) Given L’Oreal’s strategy of “universalization,” which managerial orientation (from the 10/23 reading) would you recommend for its global supply chain (manufacturing and distribution)?Why?And which managerial orientation would you recommend for L’Oreal’s global innovation (R&D)?Why?

10/23 Reading is attached with the files called Organizational Challenges, (Use it to solve the question)

A table is attached use it to indicate which Managerial Orientation it goes under. It might ne go perfectly under only one try to choose the best one and provide justifications for the choice.

The table should be attached in the appendix with notes that indicates where L’Oreal fall under each of the three