1000 words proposal on sociology

Utilise qualitative methods of data collection and analysis to facilitate the understanding of social problems and issues;

Understand the importance of ethics in the process of research so you can carry it out in an ethically-informed way that ensures rigour, respect and responsibility;

Develop an ability to critically reflect on practice in order to improve it;

  • Reflect on attitudes and actions in order to deal with workplace relationships and situations, and develop an ability to change those attitudes and actions where necessary;

Use ‘Google sites’ to present material according to established convention and, in the process, develop an advanced ability to appreciate those conventions;

  • Search and discover relevant material to inform your decision-making processes and subsequently enhance your information literacy and information management capacity;

Develop your ability to self-manage a specified case-load and, in the process, work with autonomy according to deadline;

  • Enhance your capacity to manage complex workloads and deliver specific outcomes within a specified framework.

Module Learning Objectives

  • This module will enable you to:

Plan and undertake small-scale qualitative empirical research projects paying due attention to relevant methodological issues;

  • Collect, analyse and report on qualitative data relevant to sociology and social policy;

Relate research to substantive sociological and social policy knowledge, theories and conceptual frameworks;

  • Understand, and reproduce, some of the different formats for disseminating qualitative research.

Develop a research proposal for a dissertation project on a topic of your choice.

  • The proposal should include the following: 

•        Title

  • •        Introduction

•        Literature review

•        Aims and objectives 

•        Method and methodology

•        Timetable  

•        A bibliography of 15 references

Please note: The timetable and bibliography are NOT included in the word count and the methods of data collection and analysis do NOT have to be qualitative in nature, theoretical and/or quantitative proposals based on the corresponding modules from Semester 1 are welcomed. This proposal can be used as the basis for the Level 3 dissertation, however this is not mandatory.

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