2 discussions 250 word

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-Discussion one : Courts

Our chapter this week goes through each step of the trial process in detail. MAke sure you read the chapter before attempting to post in this forum.

Identify and briefly describe the steps in a trial (no need to include pretrial procedures). Start with jury selection.

Then tell us which step in the trial you believe is the greatest area of controversy with regard to discrimination. Why? Support your opinion with at least 2 research sources.

Respond to one other student who chose a different step than you. Remember to write at least 4 substantive sentences adding more to the conversation (research, examples, material from the book, etc.).

-Discussion two: Racial Discrimination in Jury Selection

After watching the video for this week about racial discrimination in jury selection and reading the article about the Supreme Court’s decision, answer the following questions.

What did prosecutors do when the chose the jury in the Timothy Foster case? What was wrong with their actions? What do you believe was the prosecutor’s most egregious conduct?

How did The attorneys for Foster get the prosecutor’s notes years after the trial? What did they find in the notes?

What did Foster argue to the Supreme Court?

What was the Supreme Court’s decision?

The Supreme court made their decision in a 7 – 1 decision. Who was the dissenting justice and what did he say in his dissent?

Do you agree with the majority of the court or the lone dissenter? Why?

How can we be sure that prosecutors do not use race in their jury selection decisions?