Abdill Career College Nations and Nationalism Questions

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If we consider the home as a place that is familiar, stable, and comfortable and secure, what are the kinds of meanings that we attach to our experiences of the contemporary global condition? In this lecture, we interrogate the material and symbolic connections that we attribute to everyday spaces such as our home, neighbourhood and nation in the face of social change.

Required Reading: 

Fox, Jon. E. 2017. ‘The edges of the nation: a research agenda for uncovering the taken-for-granted foundations of everyday nationhood’, Nations and Nationalism 23(1): 26-47.

Tutorial Discussion:

1. What makes a Home? What is displayed in different parts of your home, and what does this say about your identity?

2. How do we belong to a place?

3. How do we experience the nation as home?

4. Do you agree with Marc Auge’s notion of non places? Can non-places be meaningful?

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