Absenteeism for Poor Students Sociology Project Paper

Week 15 – Final Project Overview

This module contains instructions for each step of the final project due the last week of the semester. 

For the final project, students will have the choice of either writing a final paper using the five approved peer-reviewed journal articles as sources on the topic or creating a PowerPoint with video presentation on the topic using the five approved peer-reviewed journal articles as sources. The paper would be a minimum of three full pages in length and the presentation would be approximately ten minutes in length. The in-text citations and references should be in ASA format for either option.

After completing this module, students should be able to:
Interpret sociological research about poverty presented in peer-reviewed academic journals
Synthesize sociological research about poverty presented in peer-reviewed journals into a cohesive understanding of their topic
Produce a presentation or paper that effectively communicates the sociological research on their topic to others
Develop confidence and self-efficacy based on having completed rigorous academic work


In the second week of Module 2, you will schedule a virtual meeting with your instructor for a mutually-agreeable time during the first week of Module 3. You should come to that meeting with some ideas about topics related to poverty that interest you and that you would want to complete the final project on.  During the meeting, we will work together to flesh out your idea and you will be approved to start the second part of the project.

I recommend that you begin searching for peer-reviewed journal articles to use as sources during Module 6.  Do not leave this until the last minute.  You want to find good articles that you can use to build your work, not to struggle to shoehorn in five random articles that were the first ones you found.  

Be sure to download the full PDF of each article you want to use from JSTOR as you will have to submit the full PDF for my review in Module 9.  I will then approve or disapprove each article.  An approved article can be used for the final project.  If one of your articles is not approved, the problems with the article will be explained and you will need to find a different article to replace it.  

Finally, you will use your approved peer-reviewed journal articles to craft either a paper or PowerPoint with presentation about the topic you were approved to research.

Once you have submitted your Final Project, you will be able to post in the Final Project Discussion, the End-of-Semester Thoughts Discussion and the Learning AFTER This Semester Discussion.  If you post in all three Discussions, you will get extra points towards your final Discussions grade!ic) 

1. Poverty’s effects on education, with an emphasis on how poverty affects absenteeism for poor students

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