academic integrity policy online discussion 200 words

As we begin our study of ethics, I thought it made sense to look at, review and comment on our own code of conduct. For this first discussion post I would like you to read the Academic Integrity Policy of Foothill College (Links to an external site.) (when you get to the Student Handbook page, please click on Academic Integrity on the left) and give me your thoughts on our policy. Make sure you also click on the link at the bottom that contains the Student Code of Conduct for Internet Courses.

Some questions or thoughts to get you started. You are not obligated to answer any of these questions, I’m just looking for your opinion and a general group discussion.

Why is it necessary or is it necessary to have an academic integrity policy?

What are your thoughts on academic integrity?

Do you think the policy covers enough? Or is it too specific? Is there anything you would include or exclude?

Were you aware of the failures of academic integrity? Did any of them surprise you?