social media marketing campaign proposal

Turn in a proposal for a social media marketing campaign for one particular brand (your brand can be person, business, service, object, etc. All your “content” for the marketing must be original materials.

Proposal Essay Instruction:

4 pages double spaced times new roman

Marketing Proposal and Promotion Project

In your proposal, you should include a good introduction, consumer analysis, marketing objective and goals, marketing strategy. You should address the following questions. Please write each question and answer them one by one in the essay. The answers require to be in detail. In doing so, summarize and cite module readings as part of your proposal. Also one min. outside research reference is required.

I write several sentences for each question. Please then write them in detail.

1) What is your brand?


2) What does your brand represent?

Nonprofit Organization for Poor Students. It will provide money to support students who are difficult to live or study.

3) Who is it for? (Audience)

People who want to help poor students to have a better life and education. Most of the audience is parents, adults, etc.

4) What are your plans for marketing the brand using social media? Come up with a clear plan and strategies. What source and social media site will you use? How will you try to reach audience?

I will use Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to promote my brand. It includes posts, audios, and videos.

5) After listening to videos, and reading journal articles, what is the most effective way to launch social media marketing? What are the current trends and how does it impact business?


– in the file


6) What are the ways in which you can create a lasting brand/visibility?

7) Reflect on ethical implications and critical tone of voices on self-branding.

After you turn in your proposal, you will start marketing campaign via social media.


  • Introduction: The introduction clearly and concisely introduces the purpose of the marketing plan.
  • Consumer Analysis: Information about customers is thoroughly and clearly reported.
  • Marketing Objective and Goals: The marketing objectives and goals are clearly related to the brand.
  • Marketing Strategy: The marketing strategy is logically and effectively linked to the marketing objectives and goals. The strategy is creative and original and employs a unique approach to social media marketing.
  • Writing Organization: Written work is well organized and easy to understand. Sections of the plan are marked with appropriate headings.
    Grammar, Spelling and Formatting:The plan has been thoroughly spell-checked and proofread. There are no to almost none grammatical or spelling errors. There are no formatting errors.
  • Research: The plan cites the content materials in the module 5 such as videos and journal articles, and demonstrates an in-depth understanding of social media marketing.