add method sample and purpose to each article and add whether the article answered the research or not

This paper is already COMPLETE. Just need a quick addition of information. I have attached the seven sources and the completed paper. This is all I need changed.

Can you add the (method, sample, and purpose) used in each article and whether the article answer my research question or not. Thanks!

Original assignment for reference:

This is a research paper on behavioral genetics. The topic for this paper is the “genetical association” between (dementia or Alzheimer) and heart disease (cardiovascular disease). This is a literature review paper that I have sent and critically analyze and synthesize these papers. This will include

  • Literature review
  • Hypotheses
  • Evaluation of articles, including critical analysis of any apparent contradictions or ambiguities in the field.
  • Synthesis of your own perspective on the state of the art in this area and suggest design of potential future experiments that would be important.

This paper should be 10 pages with APA style, using the 7 articles that I sent with this file. The paper should have the aim of: Reviewing the literature for evidence of association between the cardiovascular disease and dementia or Alzheimer. This paper should be critically analyzing the 7 articles and their results to write this paper! Don’t forget to cite these articles as APA style.

If you have further questions, please let me know as soon as possible!