adv org culture written assignment 3

  • Part 1: Assessment: Assume that you are coming into the organization you presently work for in a leadership role from outside the organization. At this point, you don’t know a great deal about the organization’s culture. Identify various methods you might use to assess the culture of the organization identifying the approach and what you might hope to learn from it.
  • Part 2: Formation/Embedding: Leaders in organizations, both new and existing leaders, often look for ways to embed what they see as important cultural elements into the organization they are leading. As a new leader, discuss how you will form/embed cultural elements by how you choose to approach the following mechanisms:
    • What leaders pay attention to, measure, and control.
    • Reactions to critical incidents and organization crises.
    • How resources are allocated.
    • Role modeling, teaching, and coaching.
    • Allocation of rewards and status.
    • Recruiting, selecting, promoting, and excommunicating
  • Part 3: Communicating: As a new leader in the organization, discuss how you will communicate your philosophy as well as the organization’s strategy and guiding principles to others. Explain why the role of communication is so vital in forming or enhancing an organization’s culture.

Write a 4 page double-spaced summary based that addresses the points above and cite supporting information according to APA