operating system security assignment 2

i have to parts A& b

and B used Linux operating systems

You have applied for a job as an IT security engineer. You qualified successfully to the final stage

where you are asked to demonstrate practical skills within the area of operating system security.

Your task is to:

1. To design a methodology, containing at least five steps/techniques, to secure one of the

selected Linux operating systems (such as CentOS, Kali Linux or Ubuntu). Methodology

could be in the form of a table/bullet points but you should clearly justify proposed

steps/techniques, discuss commands/tools that you are planning to use, show their usage

and discuss expected results. You can adopt existing operating security methodology,

modify it or design your own. Whichever you decide our justification should be supported

by the relevant literature. The only information you have been given is that the operating

system you are securing, will be facing the external network (the Internet).