Alexander the great Movie, history homework help

Alexander the great Movie Assignment

40 points total

10 points each question

1. Find 2 secondary sources on Alexander the Great using Google Scholar and JSTOR, and create an MLA Works Cited citation for those sources. (you may use the website Knightcite to create your citations)

2. Write a one page critical reflection of the film Alexander that answers the following questions.

How do the secondary sources help us understand the film, and how closely does the film follow the primary source of Alexander’s “Mutiny Speech” (in Sources of the Making of the West)?

Do filmmakers have a responsibility to depict ancient sexuality accurately? In the movie Troy, Brad Pitt plays Achilles as a heterosexual male, when in the original text Achilles has a male lover. Some in Greece and Macedonia were offended by the scenes of Alexander’s sexual relationships with other men. How should historical movies handle this subject and why is it important?

Should Alexander continue to be called “the Great?” Why or why not?

***Your one page critical response must include quotes from all of the documents in the folder under Course Document titled Alexander Film Assignment and the primary source in the Sources of the Making of the West.