[Anthropology] watch the “Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzee” documentary (~50 mins) and answer the following questions:

VIDEO part 1:   https://archive.org/details/missgoodallandthewildchimpanzees/missgoodallandthewildchimpanzeesreel1.mov

VIDEO part 2:  https://archive.org/details/missgoodallandthewildchimpanzees/missgoodallandthewildchimpanzeesreel2.mov

Consider the scientific method and answer the following questions: [write the answer under each question]

1- what was the purpose of Jane Goodall research? does it increase our knowledge about human?

2- How was Jane Goodall beneficial to science?

3- was it scientific? (no personal emotions/interference)

4- do you notice any potential flaw in Jane Goodall research?

5- was she an objective researcher?

6- was it for her to name and feed the chimpanzees? (is she allowed to do that without interfering with the research)

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