are attitudes towards abortion more favorable between genders

PLEASE USE APA Format, and a refence page and use only 3 citations.

You will produce an applied research report (6-8 Pages). You will write brief literature review motivating my hypothesis, write up a brief data and methods section, write up results w/ a discussion of a least 1 table included in the appendix and a breif conclusion.

The data used is GSS08pfp-b.

The variables that are being used are Abortion and Sex(gender). (0 IAP, 1 Yes, 2 No, 8 DK, 9 N/A). Do You think women should be able to have an abortion for any reason?

Your variables level measurements are Noninal Measurements.

The appropriate type od analysis to run is Chi-Squared.

The variables are recoded as such. Abortion if women wants for any reason will be recoded as (ABWOreason)

The hypothesis are Directional, Non-Directional , and Null. You must do all three.

I will paste the analysis output in the dropbox.

My hypothesis? Sex does not predict support for abortion, because the % wothin respondent’s sex are really close 55.1% for males and 58.7% for females. The numbers are so close that it does not show a significant relationship Chi-square is 1.23 with a p-value =0.267.