post final draft of wa3 in the d11 forum by 11 59 pm november 21 1

Hi you wrote an annotated work cited for me and my teacher gave me these suggestions back so I was wondering if you could fix the work cited you did for me based on these suggestions my teachar gave and also fix the rhetorical precis as well.

  • Thesis: It seems like you are responding to the second prompt, but it’s somewhat vague. What three literary devices are you comparing between the two stories and what is the recurring concept in each? Those components must be clear. As far as behaviors and actions, aren’t they essentially the same thing?
  • Make sure that your rhetorical précis summaries closely follow the formula outlined on the Rhetorical Précis instructional guide, exemplified on several samples provided, and carefully reviewed on the Revision Guide for Rhetorical Précis.
  • Just fyi, WA3 is an annotated works cited, not bibliography. While the concept is essentially the same, bibliography refers to print texts only. Since you folks are using electronic sources, it is referred to as Annotated Works Cited.