Bibliography for your public problem (climate change)

1. Provide an example of APA parenthetical and bibliographic reference using one of the articles provided in this module.

2. Explain what you learned from the articles and video on what shapes information.

Articles & video

Google Search Article

Commercial Content Article

A humorous look at scientific findings and media

3.  Bibliography for your public problem (climate change). At least 10 sources.

4.  Discuss how you would ascertain a source is considered scholarly information.

5.  Discuss how you would ascertain a source is considered popular information.

6.  Discuss how you will evaluate a source’s credibility.

7.  Explain how you will ascertain the audience of the information.

8.  Explain how you will explain why you included the sources you selected and why you will include this information.

Part 2:

Make a PowerPoint of the public problem: climate change, and write a one-page summary (in APA style)

Your problem presentation should be 2 minutes plus 3 minutes for discussion, and should include, at a minimum, the answers to the questions listed below.

· A compelling overview of the problem.

· Make sure you provide data, indicators, photos, graphs, etc. to make your case.

· Resolution. Look up 1 or 2 public policies in California according to the public problem to see what happened with the policies. Give your ideas that how to move forward, and how they changed in terms of the policies.