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This is the first discussion forum. Please post your answers (by replying to this post)) to the questions at the end of the Instructor’s Comments before 11:59 PM Friday evening. The deadline to complete reading others’ posts and making your replies is 11:59 PM on Saturday evening. 

Discussion Questions
(1) Marianne Weber argued that marriage was the linchpin of patriarchal domination
(note: a “linchpin” is something that holds parts together; if removed, the system of
interdependent parts falls apart). What was her rationale? How well do you think her
arguments apply to contemporary U.S. society? Give examples in support of your   
(2) One of Marianne Weber’s insights was that patterns of oppression result from and
are maintained by the creation of rules/laws that guide civil society.  One example
was the fact that married women were granted no legal status within Britain at one
time.  What might be some ways in which a contemporary pattern of social dominance
of one or more groups relative to others is perpetuated/supported by social rules
and/or more formal laws?  

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