chili cook off

Looking for a tutor who can come up with a fun, creative, effective message for an upcoming chili cookoff. Here are some of the details that I want included in the message.Thank you.

The chili “throwdown” is coming up in a couple of weeks, November 19th.If you think you have the best recipe, then join the competition because it will be hot!

Here are the details for the upcoming Chili cook off & Potluck………

Last year’s winners should relinquish their Trophy and we will elect new winners….

All staff will have a vote on the best items from Chili, Side Dish, Desert……..

Tutor: One suggest side dish, condiments to go with the Chili so the cooks don’t have to bother.

The Chili Cook/Preparer can remain anonymous, although that may be hard to avoid as the cooks set-up and tend to their own chili.

There will be various cash prizes (same as last year) for the Chili cook off:

  1. One $50 prize for the best chili.
  2. One $20 prize for the best side dish (corn bread, baked beans, mac & cheese, etc.)
  3. One $20 prize for the best desert.

Everyone should identify on the sign-up sheet what they plan on bringing so we know the variety of items forthcoming.

Let’s have fun and spice up the work day. May the best cook win!