ocean atmosphere interactions 1

Seger: Ch. 7 pp 141-145, https://www.reefimages.com/oceans/SegarOcean4Chap0…(note: this reading will not be enough to answer the questions below.)

*** Be sure to compose your responses in your own words. ***

  1. List the major gases of Earth’s atmosphere. Identify which layer of the atmosphere most of the gases are present.
  2. Identify two ways Earth’s atmosphere receives heat and two ways Earth’s atmosphere loses heat.
  3. What is the the law of conservation of energy? Explain how is this law applicable to the Earth’s energy balance?
  4. In general terms, describe what happens to the energy from the sun (incoming solar radiation) once it passes into the Earth’s atmosphere. (You may want to consult Fig. 6.2 in Sverdrup or Fig. 7-5 in Segar)