Choose a Fortune 500 organization   WALMART

Paper & Power Point

Choose a Fortune 500 organization   WALMART

PaperConduct research and write an 8-10 page paper addressing each of the topics/questions below.

Use the topics as headings to format the paper

The cover sheet, illustrations, pictures, long or multiple quotations will not count toward the 8-10 page requirement

At least 1 reference of an academic or scholarly source is required for this team paper.

You are expected to use academic sources such as FSCJ’s Library and Learning Commons peer-reviewed database or Internet sources, such as: “.org”, “.edu”, “.mil”, “.gov.”

Sources not allowed are Wikipedia, Dictionaries, wikis, or blogs.

Use APA writing style for in-text citations and each reference source that you use. Remember, all wording that is not your own must be cited. For APA writing assistance refer to Student Resources under the “Start Here Module”

Limit the use of direct quotes. Direct quotes should not exceed ½ page in total. Deductions will result if this rule is violated.

Use 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double-spacing.

The cover sheet should include team member’s names, name of company, and course information

Project Topics & Questions

  • Brief organizational history
  • Current performance and strategic posture
  • Describe the Opportunities and Threats of the External Environment
  • Describe the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Internal Environment
  • Analyze the strategic factors of the organization
  • What are the organization’s staffing practices?
  • What types of marketing strategies are effective?
  • How does technology impact the business?
  • Where does the organization rate in the market?
  • Recommendations for improvements to increase market share
  • Is the organization operating in an ethical manner?

The project topics/questions above are minimum requirements for the team project. If the minimum requirements are met, further analysis can be conducted and the paper can exceed the maximum 10-page limit, but it cannot be less than 8 pages.

PowerPoint Presentation

Develop a 10–15 PowerPoint slide presentation with speaker notes. The purpose of the PowerPoint is to highlight specific points from your research as if the team were presenting this information to executive management. Executive management does want to know about other competitors to make decisions on what would be the appropriate direction for the organization.