Choose a Theory

Discussion Posting #3 – Choose a Theory

Assignment Instructions: (PLEASE write it on Cognitive theory)

Step 1: Answer the following questions in your discussion post:

  1. Discuss one (1) theory you would feel comfortable using in the present.
  2. What is it about this theory that encourages you to use it with present/future clients?
  3. Identify and describe at least two (2) techniques of the theory you have chosen.

Step 2: Respond to at least one (1) classmate’s posting.


In-Text Citations and References:

  • Please use APA guidelines for the reference(s) used and for in-text citations, paraphrased material, videos, etc. (*even for discussion postings*).
  • If APA citations are missing from your discussion posting, this omission will be deducted from the grade you earn.
  • Part of graduate-level writing includes using *and* referencing textbooks, journals, handouts, videos, etc. in your written work, and formatting these references according to APA guidelines.