compare physiology in the news to the human physiology textbook by dee unglaub silverthorn

The requirements for this assignment are in the file i attached.


Line 1: Your name.
Line 2: Chapter where you would place your article.
Line 3: Source (name of newspaper or URL )
Line 4: Date of publication, section, page number, or date you visited the of web site.
Line 5: Title of article


You may use newspapers which are dated within one year of the first day of this term. On-line versions of these media are also acceptable. You are looking for a newspaper article addressing an area of physiology which is not covered or has limited coverage in the text book. New discoveries, diseases, and ethics issues are some examples of the article topics students have successfully used in the past. Remember this is a physiology course; please use articles with a clear connection to physiology topics.

The article should report on a physiology topic or research. The article may be focused on a single research finding or it can be a generalized summary. The article should be less than one year old and provided to the instructor when the report is submitted. A URL should be included in the Heading if using a web-based newspaper.