could you please write a 2 page paper for the below

The final project for this course is the creation of a data analytics project proposal that addresses an issue or opportunity from the scenario and data set(s) you chose in Module One that leverages data analytics, evaluates the current use of data, and highlights recommended tools with the ultimate goal of improving business value.

For this milestone, submit the introduction portion of the final project (Part I).

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Introduction A. Background: Describe the context and environment of the organization and analyze how the company is currently leveraging data analysis and analytics tools to make decisions. B. Data Sources: Evaluate the data sources the organization is currently using for their benefits and limitations in meeting the goals the data is currently being used for. In other words, is the currently used data appropriate for its current usage? Why or why not? C. Data Needs: Analyze the various sources of data available to the organization or the data the organization could potentially begin collecting that could add business value. In other words, what data (existing or potential) could provide a benefit to the organization you chose to focus on, and how? D. Data Analytics Initiative: How can you exploit data analytics to add business value or uncover new opportunities? Identify the opportunity for a data analysis initiative that could provide additional business value to the organization, and explain. (You do not necessarily have to solve a problem or fill a gap within the organization. Instead, you could identify a new initiative that improves or adds valuable insight or information to the organization for decision making.)

Guidelines for Submission: Milestone One should be submitted as a formal report or presentation, as chosen in Module One. Make sure to address all of the critical elements in the prompt.

Remember, if you chose to submit a formal report, the document should use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. If you chose to submit a presentation, make sure you are able to submit a video file, audio file, or accompanying speaker notes in addition to your slides. Also note that your instructor plays the role of upper management in this final project scenario. No matter what type of submission you select, you must cite your sources in APA format.