write a proposal about stabilization of internet services to ease the learning of the students in cuyamaca college 1

Assignment Objectives: In this assignment, you will apply the critical tools (the Genre Toolkit) to the set of proposals to determine the conventional elements of a proposal. You will research the audience for and the requirements of a student proposal to a school of your choice. You will carry out an audience analysis for the people who will likely read your proposal. You will use your research to provide reasons and evidence for your student proposal.

Genre: What is it? A document that requests approval for a new organization, event, course, or activity. Who reads it? Decision-makers who decide which proposals to approve or fund: other student leaders (such as members of the Student Organization Committee), college administrators, or professors. What is it for? To persuade readers to grant the request for approval or funding.

  1. Parameters: Your student proposal will be well-researched in terms of the audience, the genre, and the kind of information and evidence needed to make a successful proposal to your chosen educational institution. This will require research into all of the areas listed in the last sentence. The proposal will follow the conventions for the proposal genre (which may be indicated in the chapter examples and the DOCS-V elements you notice when you review the example proposals 1-4 in Module 3).Criteria: A successful student proposal will show sufficient research into the institution, the audience, and the project. The proposal will make an effective argument for the group or institution to adopt the proposal. (1500 words, including references)